about me

about me

Hello, you! I'm Alicia Chrissy from Malaysia :)

Beginning from an unhealthy penchant of living irresponsibly and carelessly, I created this blog to pen my thoughts on discovering life adulting in the big, big, scary world.

Touching my mid 20s made me realize three things:

#1 Age doesn't give me life answers I need; experience does - and I'm still figuring that out one step at a time.

#2 Clothing styles that used to fit me, don’t anymore. My body's changing - again.

#3 Aging is real and omnipresent. Once your bones start to ache and creak, it will never ever stop - EVER!

These morbid thoughts motivated me to get out there and create something I can call my own. Being restless with an β€œitchy backside” (slang for I can’t sit still wherever I am), I draw inspiration from wandering, observing and exploring.

Now, I explore digital marketing (almost religiously) and write about my travels, first times - like eating a bagel *ahem* what were you thinking? - and what drives my lifestyle. I even started working out.

Now tell me your story. Come say hi at aliciachrissy@hotmail.com

P.S I'm Chinese Eurasian, in case you were wondering. I'll story you on what a Eurasian is if you ask nicely.