3 Ways I Save While Still Appearing to Splurge on Holiday.

Traveling’s like a rite of passage. Social media channels are so littered with at least 1 or 2 friends on holiday, we feel the need to constantly be away: somewhere, anywhere. With cheap flight tickets and tempting bulk purchases for travel destinations, it takes the strongest will to control the itch.

I’ve lost count of the many times I almost booked plane tickets months in advance without checking my bank accounts and schedules first. Yeah, I’ve been in those embarrassing meetings with my bosses begging for annual leave approval.

I learned this the hard way. Once, I was so sure I could get my ass to Cambodia but alas, my boss got sick of my constant traveling and refused to let me off. I had to let the tickets burn.

And there’s the funding to travel. Sure, the tickets may have cost a few hundred but accommodation, transportation and food might cost you…a lot.  

So, this one’s for us vain pots who still want to look like we splurge on our holiday but secretly, we saved money:


#1 Dress in basics

The urge to always shop for new clothes for each holiday is strong. After all, if I know I’m going to a travel destination that has amazing scenery and I know I’m going to be in tonnes of my photos, I want to look my best. And there’s the even more vain part of me that wants everyone to know that I’m not in my home country.

Of course, I don’t advocate getting a wardrobe overhaul for EVERY SINGLE TRIP you go to. So instead, pack basics.

Basic tees, jeans, jackets, those that one in one colour or two. These are perfect to be mixed and match with almost anything. Plus, they are great for layering in cold countries too!

And now that I possess the super ability to look presentable in almost anything, I save on luggage size and guess what? That snowballs to also save on luggage fees I can better use elsewhere…like splurging on good local food.


#2 Over taking selfies with artsy backgrounds and tonnes of sunset photos.

This one’s a great Instagram feeder because you’re going to get to pose with almost anything. Go crazy with the photos. Take street photography, pose-y shots that only models dream off, literally just pick the nicest spots and go vain.

Seriously, I’m not guilty with this at all. Not every country has perfect scenery everywhere. Sometimes, it’s polluted, crowded and unsafe to bring out a camera.

And when I’m travelling, I don’t have the patience of a photographer to find the best angles. I’m short of time. I’ll pick whatever great scenery I can get and blast of my shutter button.


#3 Look out for travel bargains (duh!)

This includes anything from airplane tickets, add-ons. Travelling over sometimes takes away the bulk of your budget.

I once read this brilliant piece of advice: pick a travel destination depending on your travel budget INSTEAD of picking a travel destination and then saving for it.

That makes perfect sense.


Because it will save you from tears and heartache, that’s why!

Imagine saving XXX amount of money for that dream destination and finding out the price has doubled on the day you want to place a booking. World economy, peak seasons, currency fluctuations and the universe just hating you happens.

It sucks.

I’ve been there. On my second attempt to get my ass off to Cambodia, I found the perfect pricing within my budget. The hotel was a dream, air plane ticket dirt cheap, and then guess what?

I waited a day and the fares doubled in price!

I cried.


Now that you’ve read my list, what do you think? How about adding in some of your spice into this list?

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