How to be an entitled brat in the workplace

As I’m writing this, I’m trying desperately to remember my email password that I’ve forgotten for the thousandth time. This is what happens when EVERY single online account wants you to have a unique and special password following a specific format. Bah, I can only remember so many passwords.

Alright, I’m moving on from my lost email password, it will come back somehow.

While I sip my Diet Coke, I want to talk about the millennial generation in the Malaysian workplace. I’ll be speaking from personal experience, stories I’ve heard and random fact checkers I Googled an hour ago. This definitely isn’t going to be very educational or ground breaking, but it’s thoughtful. Yes, I put a lot of thought into this.

Anyway, here’s a little backstory

I’ve been in the full-time workforce for 3 years and another year part-timing during my university years. Growing up, it’s been ingrained in me and my peers that we study, graduate, get a job. We were expected to enter the traditional working structure with its multiple management levels, KPIs and SOPs. And most of us did.


We’re the millennials.

The notorious rebels united to claw apart sacred hierarchical structures and standard procedures which took years to carefully perfect yadda yadda…. We are the entitled, sheltered and pampered generation who needs to be treated with grace and proper political correctness. We have no respect for authority and speak against anything we “feel” isn’t right.

I don’t know why but I feel a slight tinge of pride being labelled so. It might be the millennial rebel in me going, “FUCK YEAAAAAA!!!”

But the full effects of this millennial craze haven’t gripped Malaysia yet as the traditional structure is still dominant and somewhat a safe zone. It’s still the preferred choice of work with 40% claiming a work-life balance and flexibility are not prioritized. I know, I was taken aback, I didn’t believe it, further proof that I’m a working asshole.

And now we get to my point

Malaysian employers have been gearing up for the entry of millennials into the workplace. What they are doing sounds really awesome but the perception towards bringing in millennials are still negative.

Studies and research are carried out to analyse our behaviour: what we want; what we need. Believe it or not, there was a phase when everyone thought all we wanted were bean bags? Have you sat in a bean bag to work? They are ridiculously unergonomic. I’ve even heard that a well-stocked pantry for the munchies is what we come to work for.

Excuse you? Do you seriously think I’d work for you over time and all because you have an unlimited supply of Chipsmore Double Choc? No way!

I’ve even had an ex-boss who thought that millennials are parent protected freeloaders and don’t need a job, so therefore, should settle for a lesser salary regardless of your skills and experience.

As a millennial, THESE are what I (personally) hope for in a workplace

#1 The flexibility to choose where I work from especially if most of my work are online based and easily accessed wherever there’s an internet connection.

#2 More trust that the work will get done as needed.

#3 Consider my personal time and understand that weekends are off limits from work tasks UNLESS IT’S URGENT (like an asteroid's heading towards Malaysia and you need my unparalled expertise to change its course)

#4 Stop rubbing the word “millennial” in my face like you know what it means.

And that’s it, just these four things (ok, there might be more) which I believe are wanted across all generations.

Okay, that statement was off the top of my head, so feel free to correct me, I’d really appreciate that.

Of course, I’m not going to deny that I’ve heard embarrassing job stories involving the ever-rebellious millennial. For example, being offered a job and then saying you needed more time to think about it because you needed to ASK YOUR PARENTS if it’s okay to take it. That’s just lowball ridiculous.

It’s stories like these that make me wonder what would happen when millennials eventually dominate the job market by 2025. Then maybe the cycle will repeat again and we will start on Generation Z and their “attitude”.


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