Last weekend: I got disqualified from donating blood to the national blood bank

My weekends are the only time where I get to do anything fun. Weekends are sacred to me and I absolutely hate it when anything from work tries to contact me. Do you not have enough of me during the 5 days a week that we are together? This clingy relationship makes me feel suffocated. Sigh.

Weekends are entirely mine and I’m against anything work related touching it. But that’s not always possible. Work responsibilities can’t always be avoided and since working at my new job, I’ve had to give up several weekends.

So, I’ve decided to document and share the moments I find hilarious, amusing, moving or anything that pokes me during the weekend in the “Last Weekend” tag. It’s therapy to appreciate the time that belongs to me and make the most out of it.

#1 I got myself disqualified from donating blood to the national blood bank (exaggerated version)

I’m not sure how I managed to get myself disqualified from donating blood. It was supposed to be my first time and I was nervous as hell.

I never realised how many rules and regulations are in place. I blame myself for being ignorant and unprepared for this. I was more concerned with the huge needle sucking blood out of me that I didn’t think how I could get myself into that chair in the first place.

I remember waiting 20 minutes for my turn at the donation drive and filling out five pages of paperwork before heading to test my blood type from a cheeky male nurse. He told me that if I stared at him while he punctured my finger for blood samples, I wouldn’t be afraid. Fuck, I stared but it was still sharp and painful anyway.

Then I headed to the health screen test and got disqualified because I didn’t eat the minimum amount of food required.

That means I got my finger traumatized by a scary sharpener shaped torture device for nothing.

#2 I’m on a roll to find out why the traditional work structure insists on following the 9-6 structure.

I work near a shopping mall and during lunch hours, sometimes, I’ll do a little shopping at the mall. The mall is always littered with the usual shoppers and employees like me - also on their lunch break. But the atmosphere is always different from the weekends. People during the weekdays are usually tense, resigned and we walk with weight on our shoulders.

And I started thinking: why is that? Why do we look so dejected? Why are we coming to the same place to produce work that actually has no relation to your location?

Then I got deeper: Why 9am-6pm? Why is it that regardless of whether you have tasks assigned, you are obligated to be at the same location for 9 hours a day unless given “special permission” to leave?

So many questions being ignored.

This means that every day, thousands of people make their way to work at the same time to the same location causing the peak hour traffic. The average person spends at least one to two hours stuck in commute, every single day. In a week, that amounts to 5 to 10 hours. That’s equal to a day of work.

We’ve had solutions like listening to an audio book or learning a new skill as leisure time during traffic. That’s great, but how many skills are you going to learn in traffic for the next 30 years of your life?

Realistically, think of the carbon footprint left behind just because we are meant to punch in at a specific location that no one has any explanation why it’s in effect. Think of the cost of maintenance for your vehicle while it’s being placed under so much stress, crawling and braking every few seconds.

Public transport is a viable solution to reducing this but again, have you seen the crowd? Why force 1000 people into a train at ONE specific time frame?

Why not allow employees the flexibility of choosing their work time?

And no, “It has always been like that” is not an explanation to anything.  

#3 I just dropped an egg tart on my laptop’s keyboard

And the crumbly bits entered the thin crevices of my keyboard. That means I have bits of egg tart inside my laptop now. Great, because I just killed an entire army of ants yesterday and today they will be back.

Does anyone know how to remove egg tart crumbles from the inside of a laptop?

Also, how do you get rid of ants?

They just seem to always appear out of nowhere!

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