Why it’s so hard to pick our next travel destination

I’ve been on my laptop for the past 2 hours searching my next travel destination. I’m trying to pack up the free time I have before I get back to work with productive activities. I realised that after 2 weeks of binging on Gilmore Girls and eating Julie's peanut butter crackers, I’m getting bored and crazy.

I crave for human contact other than my mother’s. The hermit period is over. I need to do something; anything.


#1 Budget

Desperate, I opened my laptop and typed into the search engine: “Cheap places to travel to in October”. The results were disappointing.

Thanks a lot Google, but I live in South East Asia, so travelling to Mexico or Argentina isn’t CHEAP. The cost to get there is as painful as a 3-week long constipation.

My budget to get somewhere for a 4D3N weekend is somewhere in the MYR600-ish range and my options look like they are definitely within South East Asia itself.

I find it pointless to travel within Malaysia because our tourist spots are as expensive as going overseas. Not that it’s not worth the money but I’m kind of on a streak to stamp up my passport before THAT expires as well.


#2 The perfect weather

Plus, the heat is getting unbearable this week.  It’s hard to make any coherent travel plans when all I’m thinking of is to escape the heat.

The most tempting countries are definitely in East Asia since it’s going to be autumn in October. But East Asia’s expensive, unless I head over to China.

That’s vetoed though because my visa to China’s long expired and I want to stay within the list of countries that are visa-free.

Then there’s Australia but it gets hot towards the year end. So…no. And there’s also an expensive visa to get. Oh right, that means, Australia is double out of the list.


#3 Deciding what to strike off the must-see list

There are two things that I want to strike off my list of MUST-SEEs: Autumn foliage and snow. Snow’s tricky to see unless I visit at exactly the right time or I stay in the country until it snows. Even that’s not a guarantee, though.

Autumn foliage seems doable.

I’ve been to countries during their winter, spring and summer season, but I’ve never been to one in autumn. I always, always try to avoid going to any four-season country that’s going through its summer. I’m really not a heat and humidity person. I like my hair straight and shiny, not ratty and constantly in a bun.


#4 Safety

Then there’s the issue of going off on my own to the most perfectly priced location but being discouraged very strongly against doing so.

“It’s not safe for girls to go out on their own.”

“What if you get kidnapped?”

“What if you get hurt, and no one’s there to help?”

Annoying but all well intended and all possible scenarios. Sigh.

That increased my paranoia of exploring the unknown. Travel photos look artistic and tempting. But then there’s the ugly side about each country that we don’t talk about and choose to ignore until something tragic happens.


#5 Finding a travel buddy

To ease the paranoia from everyone - my mother especially and her three generations before her - I decide to take a travel buddy.

But there’s no one available because everyone’s going through the first 4 reasons I listed on why it’s hard to pick a travel destination lol *evil side eye the potato boyfriend*

The search continues...


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